Infinite Scroll.
Load More.
Ajax Pagination.
Works with Widgets.

Or any content that have Magento pagination.
  • Load products on catalog without reloading the page.
  • Load next page automatically on scroll or manually on button click.
  • Ajax pagination. Load specific page by clicking on page number.
  • Choose ajax pagination behaviour (append or replace pages)
  • Preload next page silently.
  • Share or return to the specific page. No need to scroll all over again.
  • Products loaded amount progress bar.
  • Works on search results page.
  • Set custom selectors (allows to work with any custom content, custom theme or extensions)
  • Lots of button, preloader styles and customization options.
  • Add custom load more button icon.
  • Choose separate button and preloader styles for catalog and widgets.
  • Works with Widgets or any content that have Magento pagination.